Welcome to Lena Apartment!

Lena Apartment is prepared for You in all its beauty especially in summer months, when visitors can enjoy all the attractions there are in the surroundings. Smiling and friendly landlady welcomes You. She is greatly concerned to make Your stay here as much comfortable as it can only be.

Apartment is situated in the village Tard close to the famous city of Mezőkövesd which is known not only because of its rich folk-art culture, but also because of thermal-bath Zsóry. You will be surprised by the beautiful nature and attractive surrounding facilities as well as the great flavour of local wines. Especially a neighbouring village Bogács which is famous for one of the most popular thermal bath and wine cellars.
Come here to this quiet and restful place, You will be right in the heart of typical hungarian folk culture!

Come to relax and have fun here!

Apartmán Lena Apartmán Lena Apartmán Lena

Use of following services:
  • parking lot
  • program arrangement
  • cycling
  • gulyas party
  • barbecue