Here You can find some basic information how to get to Lena Apartment by different kinds of transport.


Here You can download the detailed map of the Northern Hungary with the marked target (300kB) and detailed map of Tard villagewith the marked Lena Apartement (100kB).

GPS: 47°53'13.833", 20°35'15.615"

By car: On the highway M1 from Wien or Bratislava right in the centre of Budapest. Trough the Budapest in direction of Miskolc and the M3 highway. After approximatly 120 km on the M3 highway turn to Mezőkövesd. Then on the state route number 3 in direction to Miskolc. 8 km after Mezőkövesd turn left to Tard.

By train: Unfortunately there is no railway available in Tard therefore You must use a bus transportation from Mezőkövesd.
There is a railway service from Mezőkövesd either to Budapest or Miskolc. For entering Hungary You can use international trains InterCity or EuroCity. Actual hungarian train service is here.

By bus: There is approximatly every hour bus service between Mezőkövesd and Tard. You can reach Mezőkövesd by bus from almost all bigger bus nodes in Hungary. If You would like to find some special bus link, visit these pages. International bus links are maintained by the Eurolines company.